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US Racing Betting – Roll With The Punches

by Josh Powell | January 10, 2010

At least Kieren Fallon had the smarts to wait till after the race before pulling Stewart Webster off his horse in 1994 €“ I think I recall one of the tabloids running with the headline €œFallon Pulls Off Webster€. He got a six month ban for that paticular incident (Unfortunately no one has uploaded it to YouTube).

Anyway, two jockeys in the US, as you’ll see from the video below, came to blows during a race after some seemingly innocuous in-race bumping at Philadelphia Park on Friday night. I’ve seen worse in a point-to-point race, but it’s funny nonetheless, albeit extremely dangerous. I can’t imagine Ruby giving AP a slap mid-race for a bit of bumping.

[Shameless Marketing bit] Ehem€¦ this is what you’re missing when not watching US Racing live on At The Races every night with Paddy Power. *read this very fast* Past performance is no guarantee of future results and jockeys punching each other may not happen every night.


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