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Australian Open Betting

by Josh Powell | January 26, 2010

Andy Murray
Andy Murray Payout
So Rafa Nadal did his ‘It’s my ball and I’m going home’ bit. It still didn’t take away from the fact he was given a sound trashing by Britain’s Andy Murray. And while other bookies use Nadal’s withdrawal as an excuse to void bets on Britain’s Andy Murray that were minutes from being victorious, we’re taking our beating the way we should €“ the way Nadal didn’t. We’re paying out on all bets €“ both pre-match and Betting In Running – for Britain’s Andy Murray to win as well as all bets on him to hand Nadal his own ass €“ or 3-0 in set betting to give it it’s official title.

Now Marian Cilic awaits in the semi-final of the Australian Open. And don’t let the fact it sounds like a mix between a girl’s name and Cillit Bang fool you, it’ll be a tough as Scotland’s Andy Murray found out at last year’s US Open. Still though, Britain’s Andy Murray has beaten him thrice in their four meetings so far, so he could well be Britain’s Andy Murray right up to the final where he’ll meet Roger Federer, lose and revert to being Scotland’s Andy Murray.

Could this be the year Britain’s Andy Murray goes all the way? Is the idea of nationhood slightly outdated in an increasingly globalised world? And considering the witty repartee he had with Jim Courier after the match, could they be a ginger alternative to Ant and Dec? We’ll know some of the answers to these questions in the not too distant future.

Australian Open Bettting

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