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Next England Captain Betting

by Josh Powell | February 1, 2010

€œHey, hey, cheer up John. Missing a penalty doesn’t make you a bad person, mate. Now if you were, let’s say, to sleep with a good friend’s girlfriend, get her pregnant and pay for an abortion, that’d make you a bad person, but you wouldn’t do that of course. Ho, ho€¦the very thought.€ “Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!”

John Terry’s world €“ just like his left leg in the 2008 Champions League Final €“ is collapsing. And, like that night in Moscow, only people at Chelsea and maybe David Beckham will support him. As most sit on their moral butter box Blogs and cry foul, it seems you can tackle the England captain after all. Good news for Roy Keane and the rest of us. People who believe in the myth of monogamy have been waving their arms and stamping their feet at John Terry’s €œtransgressions€. They’re right to, if they abide by those ideals, but if Bradley can forgive Max and Stacey in EastEnders, perhaps this will blow over eventually. For England’s World Cup hopes, it will have to. Everyone has a right to lambaste Terry for his indefensible actions and being a sly, arrogant plonker who tried to conceal his deeds with his wealth in a court of law, but is he any less an England captain than he was last Monday? The Chelsea leopard still has the same spots he had before. He admitted to affairs prior to this most recent problem and Capello knew he was no saint when he reappointed him as their leader on the field. Heck, national treasure and the only man to lead England to World Cup glory Bobby Moore lacked moral fibre. He liked his booze and, according to his wife Tina, had a wandering eye which he acted upon at least once. What’s different and wrong with Terry now? He’s slept with a team-mate’s, and worse still, a good friend’s ex missus. He’s broken a golden and unwritten rule among friends. A “normal” affair with a page 3 model is fair game, presumably. A highly unlikely reconciliation between the two players would probably repair some of the damage done to squad morale, but the England captaincy issue would persist. Based purely on his ability as a centre-half and as a leader, John Terry should retain the captaincy. However, his inability to keep his trousers on means some of his international team-mates will have lost all respect for him. Respect cannot be learned, purchased or acquired – it can only be earned. Terry will have to do that all over again. He will, and has to, lose that precious and coveted armband. So who’ll replace the England captain?

Which morally sound players can England rely on to lead their side in South Africa? Rooney – the man who slept with a geriatric prostitute. Nightclub brawler Gerrard. Rio – the man who organises spit roasts and misses drug tests or Rebecca Loos’s David Beckham. Would you adhere to the “public’s” criteria of a good England captain? Who would, in some of our moralising commentators eyes, be the right man for the job? Let us know what you think below!


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