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Cheltenham Katchphrase Day 1: Game 1

by Josh Powell | March 16, 2010

Say What You See
Declare what you Discern!…hmmm…doesn’t have quite the same ring to it

Win a €/£50 Free Bet

After being inundated with requests and inquiries, and by inundated we mean one person mentioned it on the blog yesterday, about our annual Cheltenham Katchphrase competition it’s back for 2010! There’ll be at least two games a day, depending on how quickly they get solved, with a €/£50 free bet on offer each time. And we’ll put it in to your account right away. The first game starts about 9.30am every morning, with one square being removed every 15 mins until somebody guesses correctly.

Some simple rules to give everyone a chance.
1. No matter which saying you think the image actually portrays, it’s our answer you have to match.
2. Only one guess per person per square revealed, until the entire image is revealed and then it’s a free-for-all.
3. Complaining that the image is too vague, unrelated, badly made, artistically without merit, will be ignored.
4. You need to have a Paddy Power account to get the free bet.

We’re starting off nice and easy to get the old grey matter warmed up but we reckon we’ve come up with a few doozies this year. Be careful, we’ve thrown in some red herrings just for the hell of it too. Will we Katch you out?

We have a winner!!

Gemma correctly guessed ‘Diamond In The Rough’ and won the first €/£50 free bet of the day. Next game starts at 12!!



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