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Pun v Punter Day 2

by Josh Powell | March 16, 2010

The result:
Our puns came good as Weapons Amnesty and Sachin Tendulkar both obliged. Going into the evening session, Christina needed her scorecast bet on the Barca game to come good. The Messi to score first part came up trumps, but we all underestimated the scale of the hammering. Bordeaux pipped Olympiakos, which no-one had tipped.

Things went the way of the punter in Day 1 and looking to maintain that 100% record is Christina East, who’ll be doing the tipping for Day 2 of our Pun v Punter competition.
Christina enjoys learning languages and spends her evenings canvassing for the Monster Raving Loony Party who she hopes will claim a landside victory in the upcoming General Election. Again, that's not true, it's just something that happens on quizzes and if it is true, good on ya Christina.
The events we’re asking Christina for tips are:
– A scorecast bet for Barcelona v Stuttgart
– A correct score bet for Bordeaux v Olympiakos
– A top Runscorer bet for the Delhi Daredevils v Mumbai Indians IPL game
– A Faller Insurance bet in the RSA Chase
– A bet for the Queen Mother Champion Chase betting without Master Minded
The tips we’ve shoehorned into a pun are as follows (see the homepage for the full beauty of the puns):
Messi to score 1st and Barca to win 3-1 @ 22/1
Bordeaux v Olympiakos – a 0-0 bore draw (but if it’s a 0-0 exciting draw we still win) @ 7/1
Sachin Tendulkar to be top Mumbai Runscorer`@ 5/2
Weapon's Amnesty to win the RSA Chase with on Fallers Insurance
Forpadydeplasterer to win the Champion Chase W/O Master Minded
Christina must be brilliant at tipping because she had enough time to include an essay along with her tips, the pick of which was:
“- I have to agree with Messi, I’m afraid, but think it will be 2-1
How does 1-1 sound? A more raw poor score draw€¦..
– Someone told me Sehwag is opening, and apparently that gives him a good chance. I learn something every day!
Punchestowns. Low odds, but may well win
– I can see why you would€¦ but I will go for Kalahari King, and cross my fingers for a race deserted by the favourite!”
So sadly, our puns triumphed over our punter. Sorry Christina. Don’t get disheartened, there was real potential in that poetry.
If you just want to show off your tipping skills or warm up for an attempt later in the week, you can leave your tips or comments below. Alternatively, you can try to get in on the action and put your name down for the draw to be Wednesday's punter by emailing with the subject line ‘I’m Going To Kick Your Pun Loving Asses


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