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Like Poker? Like Free Stuff? Then Read On….

by Josh Powell | April 4, 2010

This is now finished. See below for the winners.

The winner of the mystery goody bag, chosen by the head of our poker department, is Davidweymes. A package of unspecified poker related stuff will be on its way to you shortly.

If doing the Cheltenham Katchphrase taught me nothing else, it’s that you lot like free stuff. Hell, who doesn’t? So when the folks from our poker team asked for a little extra coverage on the blog for the Paddy Power Irish Poker Open, I told them they needed to bring a little something to the table. It doesn’t have to be much, our blog readers aren’t greedy. Ehem…

So I have ten $10 poker tokens to give away to those who may be interested in playing a little online poker for free. As always, I’m going to try and squeeze a little fun out of it so you feel like you’ve earned it and I’ll get a few laughs on what is a pretty quiet Sunday in the Paddy Power offices.

How To Get Something Free For Very Little Effort:
I’m trying to keep it poker related so the ten best poker related jokes, poems, anecdotes, comments, word plays or whatever you can come up, with will get a $10 token. The best of the bunch will get a special prize. (Some poker stuff most likely. The near-indestructible professional cards are well worth having.) As always, you’ll need to have a Paddy Power Poker account to avail of this freebie.

Where To Watch, Bet On And Visit The Irish Poker Open:
Watch all the action live here from about 1.30pm, if you think you know who’s going to win then check out the odds here and if you happen to be in the Dublin area today or tomorrow then drop in to the Burlington Hotel and say hi. Or just enjoy the festivities, watch some top class poker players and cadge whatever free stuff you can.

Find out more on the official Irish Open site.

Enjoy your Sunday whatever you get up to.


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