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Check Out Our New Live Betting Pages

by Josh Powell | April 14, 2010

At some time early next week €“ sorry about being so vague, we’re adopting the builder policy on this occasion €“ we’ll be launching a brand-spanking new version of our Live Betting section.
Not so long ago, we were as proud as punch of formerly brand-spanking new Live Betting pages, but some of the guys in our ‘paid attention at school’ department recently decided that our Live Betting pages had let themselves go a bit and could use a bit of work to have them looking worthy of being on the arm of the dashingly handsome They’ve given it an upgrade.
The main features include:
Fast Bet (one click betting if you so choose)
A snazzy sporting calendar thingymabob
A homepage easier to use than a Premier League footballer on the rebound.
Another kind of move-around-stuff-ability
If you think you've got the gist of it, then carry on with the rest of your life and come back to visit at some stage in the near future to see it for yourself. If you could use a bit more information than was provided in our makey-up list of words, then read on.
Fast Bet
There’s a clue in the name, that’s for sure. Our techie boffins have given you the option to bypass the betslip and get your bet on ASAP. Live betting moves fast – unless you happen to be watching an event featuring Jamie Carragher – so very often these vital seconds make a difference. The best part about it is we haven’t unilaterally imposed this upon you like some sort of oppressive government, it’s an option you can choose to turn on or off on the Live Betting pages or in your preferences.
Fast Bet
Move-Around-Stuff-Ability I
Some more technical people call it ‘Drag And Drop’ but as that sounds too much like a funeral directors that caters exclusively for transvestites, we’re calling it Move-around-stuff-ability. On our new Live Betting pages you’ll be able to move markets around to suit yourself. And here’s a picture of it if you don’t have the imagination to picture that in your head.
Snazzy Sporting Calendar
We called it a calendar, but that’s slightly misleading as it doesn’t feature boobs and you probably won’t see it hanging on the wall of a mechanic’s garage. It’s a list of the vast, vast, vast array of sporting events that’ll we’ll be featuring on our Live Betting pages at some stage in the upcoming future. It’s useful because sometimes remembering almost every sporting event in the world and what time they start can be tough. Here's another image for the imaginatively challenged. And don’t worry, you haven’t slipped into an alternate universe where the newly formed nations of Airdrie United and Partick Thistle have qualified for the World Cup, it’s just something our techie people did. One day maybe we’ll see the rise of the United Estates of Airdrie.
Live Calendar
A homepage easier to use than a Premier League footballer on the rebound
Here's a picture. That’s about all.
Live Homepage

Oh yeah, and we’ve separated the Live Financial betting from the Live Sports betting which is great because now you don’t have to be reminded what colossal wankers the people who run the banks are every time you want to place a bet. The Financial betting page has also got a bit of a facelift and now features something called a Squawk Box and rolling news headlines such as “we're all f**ked €¦. ” and “ha, ha, ha. I still got my bonus €¦. ”
Another kind of move-around-stuff-ability
We’ve also given you the option to put all your favourite markets in one easy to use section of the Live Betting pages. Oh sure, you mightn’t be all that impressed now, but just wait until you want to keep track of the Aleksandra Wozniak versus Ayumi Morita tennis match at the same time as Everton host West Ham at the World Cup.
Live Calendar
As previously stated, it’s not up just yet, so in the words of the legend that is Pato Banton “Baby Come Back” over the next few days to see it in all it’s ‘actually up and running’ glory.


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