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It’s England v Algeria Commentary Cliches!

by Josh Powell | June 15, 2010

That’s right – our world famous (well, some people have heard of them) commentary cliches are back again for England v Algeria. And for today’s Bore War competition we want your best suggestions for our market on the big match. You know the idea – what idiotic, patronising or deluded nuggets are likely to escape the lips of the BBC commentators first. Just put your ideas in the comments below.

The best suggestions will be used in our market.  But even better than that, our favourite will win the daily prize of a football shirt of your choice! Second place gets a Paddy Power barbecue (can be fuelled with losing betting slips) and third collects a £/€25 free bet. You can’t say fairer than that. The usual conditions apply – you have to be a Paddy Power customer to enter and please use a valid email when commenting, so that we can get back in touch with you.

Lastly, here’s a few to get you started:

“Poor Rob Green, I don’t think he can blame the vuvuzelas for that one”

“Is it too early to start lumping it up to the big man?”

“At least they’ve got a dodgy keeper as well”

“What a sensational finish from Emile Heskey!”

(ok, that last one was stretching it a bit)


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