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Day 6 – A Vuvuzela Competition

by Josh Powell | June 16, 2010

With South Africa taking on Uruguay tonight, the much-maligned vuvuzela will be incessantly blown more than in most matches. Sainsbury's have started selling the dreaded horn too and there's even a vuvuzela iPhone App. At least the horn has given us something to talk about at our water coolers as the matches so far have been as exciting as going for a swim off the Louisiana coast. Alas, when the World Cup is over, thousands of these plastic trumpets will be idle. The person that comes up with the best suggestion in the comments section of how to use these instruments post-World Cup will win today's competition – 1st prize is not a Vuvuzela. We're looking forward to seeing some interesting posts€¦ and quickly deleting them.
1st Prize Football shirt from one of the World Cup teams of your choice
2nd Prize Paddy Power BBQ
3rd Prize £/€25 free bet
You need to have a Paddy Power account to win any of the prizes and you are allowed three entries per person. One over the limit and you're outta here. All answers have to be posted before midnight tonight.
Good luck!

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