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England v Algeria MBS Refund

by Josh Powell | June 19, 2010

Oh, you’re not happy with the boos, Wayne?
Oh, your foot's a bit sore after you spent the evening controlling the ball with the deft touch you'd associate with someone who’s had their feet replaced with sledgehammers?
Sorry Wayne, we’re definitely the ones who should do the apologising.
We’re refunding over £200,000 in goalscorer, correct score and scorecast bets after an England display with all the purpose of a Sunday Mail sting operation. As it finished 0-0, it our Bore War Money-Back Special clicked and although it can’t give you the hour and a half of your life back or erase the horrible experience from your memory, it is some small compensation to those of you who were at least expecting England to make some semblance of an effort. It’s also the greatest number of bets we’ve ever refunded on one of our Money-Back Specials.
Why someone oughta breach the lacklustre security and confront David Beckham in the dressing room €¦


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