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World Cup comp – Day 13

by Josh Powell | June 23, 2010

We’re back again and sticking to the guessing games for today.  Tonight’s 7:30 matches are: Ghana v Germany and Australia v Serbia.

In a slight change to yesterday’s format, we want to know what will be the aggregate total of goal minutes across the two games combined?

So if there are goals in the 5th, 61st and 80th minutes in the Ghana v Germany match, and goals in the 18th and 68th minutes in the Australia v Serbia match, then the total goal minutes would be:

5 + 61 + 80 + 18 + 68 = 232.

Simple isn’t it?

We’ll use to give us the official goal minutes.

The daily prizes are still:

 1st Prize €“ a football shirt from one of the World Cup teams of your choice

 2nd Prize €“ Paddy Power barbecue set

 3rd Prize €“ £/€25 free bet

In the event of two people guessing the right answer, the winner will be the earliest post.  If anyone doesn't post the exact answer, the winner will be decided by the earliest post with the closest answer.

You need to have a Paddy Power account to win any of the prizes and you are allowed one entry per person.  Anyone posting multiple answers will be disqualified.  All answers have to be posted before the 7:30pm kick-off.

Good luck!


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