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World Cup Competition – Day 26

by Josh Powell | July 6, 2010

There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there's Cristiano Ronaldo's high interest Mastercard. If you haven't heard, Real Madrid's prize show-pony effectively bought himself a baby according to Portuguese newspapers, which in the simplest of terms, equates to: he paid a hooker to get pregnant. Portuguese Peter Griffin has already offloaded his newly acquired sprog to his mother €œto raise it€ because apparently he's against using a Nani. So are most Man Utd fans, ho, ho. Personally, I think it's all part of a Nike-sponsored FIFA-organised Genetically Modified Breeding programme, a la Coolmore, to create a super generation of footballers that can be traded on the international markets. The surrogate must have been Mia Hamm so€¦…
So, to today's competition€¦. What do you think Ron will call his tot and what do you think he'll be when he grows up? Clearly, we want funny/witty/nothing that’ll get us sued kind of comments!
1st Prize £/€50 Free bet
2nd prize £/€40 Free Bet
3rd prize £/€ 25 Free bet
You need to have a Paddy Power account to win any of the prizes, obviously, and you are allowed three entries per person. All answers have to be posted before midnight on Tuesday.
Best of luck!


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