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World Cup Competition – Day 27

by Josh Powell | July 7, 2010

Good evening and welcome to Have I Got A Competition For You. My name is Chris, and if I seem familiar to you, it’s because I’ve been apparently doing this menial task for Paddy Power for far too long according to Sinead in yesterday's comp€¦. who, by the way, was correctly rewarded with a free bet for being supremely cheeky.
Moving on, today we have the completely original €œOdd One Out€ round. WE DON'T WANT A CAPTION FOR THIS IMAGE! I hate people that write in capitals to get their point across. It's unnecessarily ugly.
There is a right answer, but obviously we're not looking for that (but if you come a across it, you'll obviously get something) We want something to make us chuckle or go €œooh, that might be true about Russian women, but we better delete that.€
Below, we have a sliced pan, the delectable Russian spy Anna Chapman, Mr Osama Bin Laden and Paul the psychic Octopus who, thankfully, isn't a Paddy Power customer. But who/what is the Odd One Out? Today’s prizes below image….

1st Prize £/€50 Free bet
2nd prize £/€40 Free Bet
3rd prize £/€ 25 Free bet
For the first person that gets the ACTUAL answer, he/she will win the last remaining Paddy Power BBQ that I was keeping for myself
You need to have a Paddy Power account to win any of the prizes, obviously, and you are allowed three entries per person. All answers have to be posted before midnight on THURSDAY.
Best of luck!


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