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Galway & Goodwood Competition

by Josh Powell | July 29, 2010

As promised, we’ve one, much-sought after Paddy Power BBQ remaining in the office. With the Galway Races and Glorious Goowdood well underway, we feel it’s an opportune time to run a competition for Barbie (That’s her name €“ treat her well). Did I mention we’re doing this because the Galway Races and Glorious Goodwood are taking place this week? Anyway, you’ll have to flex your creative muscles with this toughie. We want you to construct a joke and the punchline must include the name of a runner at any of today’s racing!
We badly need your help because the one’s we came up with are brutal- e.g:
– After banks were told to tighten lending, they've struggled to find anyone to do the job correctly. Nobody can find an Honest Broker. (8.30 Musselburgh)
– Why did the monk never win the Best Dressed Lady competition?
Force Of Habit (5.00 Galway)
– Why did the plucky satsuma never throw in the towel?
Mandarin Spirit (9.00 Mussleburgh)
Clearly we’re in desperate need of some help but someone will unearth a real gem deserving of Barbie.
1st Prize – PP BBQ
2nd Prize €“ €/£40 Free Bet
3rd Prize €“ £/€20 Free Bet
Worst Joke Prize €“ Yet to be revealed booby prize (Paddy Power staff are in the lead at the moment)
The rule and regulation
3 entries per person and anyone found to be cheating will be labelled Paddy Woods and flogged.
Good luck and enjoy yourselves€¦. And the Galway Races and Glorious Goodwood.


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