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Have A Rant And Win A Free Bet!!!

by Josh Powell | September 7, 2010

I thought that’d get your attention. Is that all you lot care about, getting a free bet? Yeah? That’s fair enough.

As I mentioned yesterday I’m going to give away a €/£50 free bet for the rant of the week. There are only a couple of rules and there are no restrictions on the number of rants you can have: 1) It has to be made in response to one of my posts, though it can be about anything you want. 2) It has to be funny, witty, clever, passionate, thought-provoking or just a bit mental.


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Here are some thoughts for the day to get you started.

Now I’m not going to start a debate on the morality of prostitution or sexual promiscuity but isn’t it a sign of the times when a young woman will proudly tell the world that she’s slept with a full team of football players, substitutes included, just to grab her 15 minutes in the spotlight? Fame is no longer the perfume of heroic deeds, now it’s the sole aim. Screw doing something worthy of recognition, which might take talent and a whole lot of hard work. Who could be arsed with all that? Just whiten my teeth, spray on some fake tan and push me out in to the spotlight. It matters not if I get laughed at or ridiculed, what matters is that I am validated as a human being and seeing me face on the front page of a vile rag newspaper is all the validation I need. Who cares why I’m there, nobody reads those wordy bits anymore anyway.

Oh and well done the English media. No doubt they’ll be back on their high-horses if Rooney has a poor game against Switzerland tonight, revelling in his misfortune. If he has a good game then he’s a callous, unfeeling swine. How many people did he murder again? How many cats did he throw in to wheelie bins? (See responses to yesterdays post)

Right, away from Rooney. Ireland fans, it doesn’t matter if it finishes 1-0 against Andorra tonight. These are qualifiers and no one cares how you get to the tournament as long as you get there. Robbie Keane can miss all the one-on-ones he wants as long as they secure the three points. Of course a high-scoring, dominant display would be nice but it’s all about the end goal. Keep your eyes on the prize people and get behind the team. And remember, if you’re not actually out on the pitch contributing directly then there’s only so indignant you can get if the result doesn’t go our way.

That’s enough from me for one day. Now it’s your turn to get whatever’s bugging you off your chest. It’ll make you feel better and you could win yourself a free bet.


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