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by Josh Powell | September 8, 2010

Things are starting to pick up on the ranting front and I may be forced to hand out second and third place prizes.

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Before having a wee rant of my own I think I’ll address a few points raised over the last couple of days.

Dave J: I’m a little embarassed to point out that The Sound Of Music was actually set in Austria and you do know that Julie Andrews is now in her seventies? So thanks for that disturbing mental image. As for your Roman Polanski bit, I think it’s only fair on Wayne to point out that the hookers he slept with weren’t 13-years old, though they may have had to drug themselves to go through with it.

Forrest- Forever: You can book your flights to Switzerland now. I hope you like skiing otherwise it’s two weeks of Toblerones and watch museums for you.
Ferrari can’t possibly get away with just a fine. However anyone feels about the team-orders rules, they are very clear and Ferrari couldn’t have been more blatant in their breaking of them. They won’t be kicked out because they generate too much money for F1 but they should at least suffer significant points deductions.

Kevin O’Sullivan: Poor John Terry? Are you serious? He slept with his best mate’s girlfriend. Bridge may or may not have been with her at the time but she’s the mother of his kid and considering how many other women Terry could have chosen from, that was a pretty dispicable thing to do in my book. There’s no denying Terry is a good player but the man’s a moron and deserves no sympathy in this matter.

Del Bhoy: Call me a cynic but I’m not sure Cheryl Cole would go for a man with no legs.

Right then, there’s nothing to really complain about from last night’s football. Unless your an Arsenal fan and you’re wondering why Theo Walcott had his ligaments replaced by brittle twigs. Dear lord that boy’s unlucky with injuries. England played well though I’m not going to make any jokes about Rooney scoring away from home.
Ireland didn’t look great but that’s six points out of six so job done so far.
What a shock in Scotland’s game, there was actually some entertainment! Fair play to the fans, who should be commended for sticking by their team right to the death. Something which is becoming rarer these days.

I’m going to move away from football, otherwise I’ll have nothing to write about for the rest of the week. Let’s look at the world of boxing today.

David Haye is actually going to fight Audley “A-Farce” Harrison. After year’s of beating bums, followed by a period of being beaten by bums, the 2000 Olympic champ is getting a shot at a world title. Something which he doesn’t really deserve but with Haye unable to come to an arrangment with either of the Klitschkos (it’s really starting to look like he’s ducking them), there aren’t too many other viable money-making options. Nobody wants to see him take on Valuev again, so he’s almost being forced to take on this no-win match-up. Except for the £5 million plus payday, of course. Harrison is nowhere near the fighter Haye is but he does carry a heavy left-hand and there are questions over Haye’s chin, so a shock result is always possibility. I’ve been disappointed in Haye’s inaction after being so excited about the prospect of him breathing some much-needed life in to a division which is by far the worst in boxing. Evander Holyfield, legend that he is, is still a realistic title contender and he’s nearly fifty. Yes I know he currently holds the WBF title but that one doesn’t count.

Has everyone seen Floyd Mayweather’s sickeningly racist and homophobic rant about Manny Pacquaio? He’s a highly talented fighter but he’s also a total asshole and is running scared of the Pacman. Imagine if a white fighter started making references about Mayweather picking-cotten and loving fried chicken and black-eyed peas. Racism is racism and no-one should be immune from being held accountable for these kinds of statements, no matter how much money they make. Thankfully Manny has far too much class to respond. Hopefully Mayweather will run out of excuses and we’ll finally see the one fight every boxing fan wants to see

That’s me done for the day.

Remember there’s £/€50 on offer to the best rant of the week. It can be about anything you like so get it off your chest.


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