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Strictly Come Tanning

by Josh Powell | September 8, 2010

Nobody have ever attempted a tongue tan before.
Apparently Gavin Henson used to play for rugby for a living, until he gave it up to help Charlotte Church spend her considerable fortune. Mainly on cruises around the mediteranean and fake tan. Now that he’s been kicked off the gravy-train, Gav has to start making his own way in the world. He could go back to playing rugby but that involves a considerable risk to his over-gelled barnet so he’s decided to stuff a sock down his trousers, shave his chest and take to the dancefloor in Strictly Come Dancing.
Best of all is that he’ll be entering a world where, compared to the other dancers, his normal triple coating of St Tropez will leave him looking like the ginger one out of Girls Aloud. So he’ll be on the phone to David Dickinson looking for tips on how to get that deep mahogany brown he’s always been after. Let’s be honest, his tan is the deepest thing about him.
So just how deep will Gavin go? We’ve got our odds-makers to price up a market and we’ve even provided a Dulux-esque colour chart to help you choose your bet.
Will he go for for the Brucie Bonus Bronze, the Welsh Walnut or the full Dickinson?
Bet now on Hensons Hue.


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