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Rant Your Way To A Free Bet

by Josh Powell | September 10, 2010

Time is running out to win the inaugural, Rant of the Week free bet and there are plenty of worthy contenders so far. As not everyone will have access to the site from work, I’m going to leave it run until midnight tonight and then I’ll pick the winners and credit the free bets first thing tomorrow morning. Which is my day off I’d like to add.
Thankfully there were enough responses that it didn’t look like I was just moaning to myself and I’ll definitely be doing this again next week.
Here’s what’s irking me today:
I don’t want to appear unsympathetic and I understand that the loss of a beloved pet is an upsetting experience, but is the death of Roy Keane’s dog really front page news? (This may have just been here in Ireland) It’s not even news. Nor is Wayne Rooney’s philandering. The red tops aren’t newspapers, they’re just vilely written celebrity gossip columns which either sensationalise non-stories to give them an importance they don’t deserve or they try to manipulate public opinion with the use of transparent, base rhetoric. Just because they tell you something is important doesn’t mean that it is. Am I deluded in believing there ever was a time when people looked to accumulate as many facts as they could so they could form their own opinions on matters? I probably am.
These two have already been covered by comments to earlier posts but I’ll touch on them now anyway.
The shambles of a ruling following Ferrari’s blatant team-orders offense should be a real black-eye for the sport of Formula 1 but the Italian team have been allowed to get away with cheating. The fine they received isn’t even a slap on the wrist and it seriously undermines the integrity of the sport. What’s the point in having rules if certain teams are allowed to get away with breaking them? It reminds me of how limp-wristed the English FA have consistently been in their dealings with Alex Ferguson over the years.
Speaking of limp-wristed ruling bodies: How on earth did John Higgins manage to get away with that one? If that video is him looking nervous and frightened for his safety, then he should probably think of giving up snooker altogether and forge himself a career as an international spy. He must have nerves of steal. Or be lying through his back teeth about the whole thing. I know which way I’m leaning on this one.
And going back to the non-story rant: David Beckham has ruled himself out of the running to replace Fabio Capello in 2012. I understand he probably just answered a question posed to him by a “journalist”, but did anyone really consider him as a realistic candidate?
Finally for today, what were the Welsh Rugby Union thinking when they asked Gavin Henson to be the poster boy for their new kit? He hasn’t played for the national side for a year and a half and doesn’t appear to have any serious interest in playing rugby at all. I understand that he’s a big celebrity and using him will most likely help to boost sales but how offensive is it to the guys who are actually putting on that kit and giving their all for their country? Apparently several of the players refused to pose in front of a giant poster of Henson for this very reason. Celebrity should be the result of achievement not an achievement in itself and whoever made this decision aught to be ashamed of themselves.
Right, I feel a little better after that and now it’s your turn to get whatever’s bugging you off your chest. Remember there’s a €/£50 free bet on offer to my favourite rant of the week and I’ll be handing out some runner-up free bets too so get ranting.

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