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Have A Rant Winners!!

by Josh Powell | September 11, 2010

There was some good ranting this week and thankfully there were only a couple of comments I had to delete (racism will never be tolerated on this blog and it serves only to highlight the ignorance and stupidity of the person making the comment), so good work everyone else and I hope if nothing else you felt a little better for it.

It was a tough choice but my overall winner for the week is Smoggie for his World Cup bad hair theory and bizzare fascination with wheelie bins. Well done fella, a €50 free bet is now in your account.

There was only supposed to be one winner but honourable mentions have to go to Dave J, Forrest_Forever and Andy, all of whom get a £10 free bet.

Enjoy and I hope you put them to good use. I’ll work out a better prize structure next week but for now it’s my day off and I’m a little hungover, so I’ll worry about it on Monday.

Feel free to keep ranting but, so I don’t have to continuously search through old posts, only rants on this post and posts made from Monday onwards will count towards next week’s competition.

Have a good weekend and if not, have a good rant about it instead. It could win you a free bet.


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