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Another Week, Another Set Of Rants & More Free Bets To Be Won

by Josh Powell | September 13, 2010

I must admit I didn’t expect the quality of rants to be so high last week, so I’m going to make an adjustment to the prizes in anticipation of some more high class diatribes this week.
£/€30 for the rant of the week, €/£20 for second place and however many £/€10 free bets as I deem are warranted. Sound fair? I think so and if you don’t agree, well, tough. They’re FREE bets after all and you would usually pay for this kind of therapy.
Anyway, I’m going to indulge in some random moaning to get everyone started this week.
First up, as something of a boxing fan I can’t understand how heavyweight “fights” such as Wladimir Klitschko’s rematch with Samuel Peter could generate so much money. Isn’t sport supposed to be entertaining? Can anyone honestly say they found that fight to be entertaining or that they even expected it to be beforehand? No wonder the UFC, and MMA in general, continues to grow in popularity. Whether or not you like the sport, they do make concerted efforts to ensure the fights are competetive and the fans get their money’s worth. Thanks in no small part to the UFC having a match-maker rather than leaving it to the fighter to decide who they want to fight. The ills of boxing are too many and run too deep to deal with in this rant but as long as fans keep going to these shambolic excuses for fights and paying for the ppv (which I didn’t do but I still watched the fight…ehem), then they’ll keep being served up this dross and the fighters and promoters will continue to make millions for it.
The fact that Fernando Alonso is now right back in the title race is a disgrace.
How disappointing was it that Rooney didn’t play at Goodison Park? It’s understandable given his personal situation, his history with Everton and his potential to self-destruct out on the pitch but that’s exactly why we wanted to see him play.
As for Jamie Redknapp’s rant about Torres. Who cares? He’s a terrible pundit and, like many of the other former footballers who work at Sky, seems more interested in providing sound-bites than offering any kind of indepth analysis. His narrow view of the game and lack of objectivity isn’t unusual, I know, but that doesn’t make it any the less irritating. Paul Merson’s opinion is also given an airing on that station. Enough said.
Having had a bit of a moan about boxing I think I’ll end on a positive note. Congratulations goes to Eamonn Magee for retaining his European title in fine style. Respect goes out to Jason Booth, who may have lost narrowly in his world title fight with Steve Molitor but he has to be commended for turning his career around and earning that shot. Best wishes go out to Ireland’s most succesful ever amateur boxer, Katie Taylor, who is currently competing for her third straight world title and won her first round. Women’s boxing may or may not be your thing but the modest, hard-working and incredibly talented Katie is a shining example to all young sports people and I for one can’t wait to see her competing in the 2012 Olympics.
Now’s it over to you, so get ranting.


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