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Have A Rant And Win A Free Bet

by Josh Powell | September 15, 2010

There’s been some grade A complaining already this week but there’s still plenty of time to air your gripes and win yourself a free bet. With a €/£30 free bet up for grab for the rant of the week and runners-up prizes of €/£20 and €/£10, why not let me know what’s been getting your goat this week?
First up for me is the Ricky Hatton story and the massive hypocrisy which has emanated from it. I’m not going to get too deep in to the rights and wrongs of drugs or even the mental state of Ricky himself and the damage he is reported to be inflicting on himself. What annoys me is the apparent shock and outrage which has accompanied this story. First up, whether he admits it or not the Hitman was retired as soon as Pacquaio laid him out in the second round of their fight, so it’s not as if he can be accused of taking drugs to gain advantage in the ring. Not that cocaine is a performance enhancing drug, unless you’re a rock star. Secondly, boxing has a history of turning a blind eye to illegal behaviour when it is financially advantageous to do so. You need look no further than Mike Tyson for proof of this. Drugs, rape, cannibalism were amongst the many crimes he committed whilst still active but because he remained a massive draw right up the end of his career, he was continuously forgiven, or at least his crimes were overlooked. This is the first time I know of that Ricky has been associated with drug use and let’s be honest here, drugs are more prevalent in society than many of us would like to believe. A quick google search throws up a statistic from 2001 which claimed that 25% of 16-29 year olds in England at that time had used some kind of illegal drug. I’m by no means condoning drug use but you can’t get up on your high-horse if you’ve ever been, well, high. Even if you claim you didn’t inhale. And who amongst us believes that the very media outlets which produced this vitriolic sensationalism are somehow cleaner than the rest of society? Quite the opposite in fact. Yes Ricky did something wrong but we have to put it in to context and instead of attacking him for this mistake, let’s just wish him well and hope that he doesn’t travel any further down this self-destructive path.
I’m glad to see people are agreeing with my disdain for the current level of football punditry. That’s a particular bug-bear of mine so it’s a very good way of getting yourself in to contention for those free bets. I’m not above being pandered to.
Is it just me or has Harry Redknapp become pretty irritating since clinching fourth spot at the end of last season? He’s a whole lot mouthier than he used to be, far less humble and for me he talked too openly about players he wanted to sign during the transfer. He’s still a fantastic manager but he’s not quite the class act he used to be.
One last thing, and this is a bit random, but how does Piers Morgan get so much coverage, both in the press and on tv? For example, his solution to Wayne Rooney’s latest off the field problems is for Fergie to fine him massively and kick him in the testicles. He’s as informative as the Jeremy Kyle Show and nowhere near as entertaining. How on earth did he land that CNN gig? His interviews seem forced, disingenuous and make me cringe for the few minutes I can force myself to watch them. In the vernacular of today’s youth. WTF!!!
Anyway, that’s enough from me today. Feel free to respond or come up with some complaints of your own. Remember, it’s not about being right, it’s just about getting it off your chest….and winning a free bet.


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