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Pope Sightings 9.30am – 16.09.10

by Josh Powell | September 16, 2010

The most shocking picture to date – we’re not entirely sure what’s happening here but it looks like the Pope is being arrested!! More to follow:

Pope Being Arrested

Before arresting him (to be confirmed this is what happened) the Police weren’t too sure what to make of the Pope’s diversion from his planned route – so they made him stop = perfect time to download and have a punt with the new Paddy Power iPhone App (I hear they’re the only bookie in the App Store?)

pope on paddy power iphone app

Here’s a picture from McDonald’s earlier this morning sent in by Darren Scordecchia:

pope thru

Andrew Stagg sent in this picture of the Pope near the M1 on 15.09.10:

pope mobile m1

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