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Have A Rant Winners!

by Josh Powell | September 20, 2010

A busy weekend, very little internet access and excessive alcohol access restricted my ability to sort ouot last week’s Rant of the Week. Which allowed some weekend grumbles to get in to the mix. So from now on, as this is an evolving processa, I’ll let it run from Monday through to Sunday and announce the winners the Monday of the next week. If you have any complaints about this, put it on the form of a rant and you might just win yourself a free bet.
I’ve had a bit of a time deciding who gets what, as many of you tickled my fancy with your rants last week but I’m going to do my best to spread the free bets out over the weeks, so you don’t think I have favourites. Except for Smoggie, of course, who only gets an honourable mention this week because he won last week. I have a feeling he’ll be the man to beat this week though.
For the sheer depth of research in his rant, plus I’m not exactly a Jamie Redknapp fan, the €/£30 free bet has to go to Davey. Good work fella.
There were too many potential runners-up so I’m going to hand out more €/£10 free bets than intended.
For the sheer passion of his rant Dinny gets a €/£10 free bet. As does baddaddy66 for not caring what anyone thinks. mcfcmckeown gets one for hit distaste for Dean Windass, as well as isolating himself from his local chippy and the final tenner free bet goes to MikeNFFC because seeing domestic animals fight makes him angry.
I’ll be back on later with some complaints of my own but in the mean-time, congratulations to the above winners and let this week’s ranting begin!!


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