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Have A Rant, Win A Free Bet!

by Josh Powell | September 21, 2010

For those of you who haven’t gotten involved yet it’s pretty straight forward. I’m looking fo ryou to have a good old moan about whatever is bugging you right now and not just will it make you feel a whole lot better, but you could also win yourself a free bet. That’s right, I’m giving free bets away to grumpy people. Make it funny, passionate, original, bizarre or thought-provoking and you’ll be in with a chance of picking up the weekly €/£30 free bet. I’ll also hand out a number of €/£10 free bets to the runners-up, as my mood and personal opinion dictates. Each week’s competition runs from Monday to Sunday and the free bets awarded on the following Monday.
Here’s some of what’s been running through my head today, to get you started.
First up, could Alex Ferguson be any more ingracious in victory? There’s no denying Liverpool would have been very fortunate if they’d managed to hold out for a draw in Sunday’s game but they didn’t, so instead of just coming out and saying his side got the win their play deserved, he has to start on about how the 2-2 scoreline was a travesty and how he was thinking his side could be leading by ten!! Ten? Really? That’s just being churlish. The biggest travesty was how the United wall jumped out of the way to allow Gerrard to score Liverpool’s second. Of course there’s a big rivalry between the clubs, so passions run a little higher around these games but some of his post-match comments bordered on the absurd and simply weren’t necessary. To accuse Torres of cheating in the same game Nani performed that ludicrous dive is just hypocritical, but then that’s never bothered him before. A great manager he undoubtedly is but a great person? He certainly doesn’t come across as one.
To level things up, I’m going to have a go at those Liverpool fans (from my experience they’re mainly Liverpool fans who don’t actually come from Liverpool) who are whingeing about how bad things are and how terrible the team is and how Hodgson is a flop, etc, etc. To use one of the most overused Scouser stereotypes, calm down, calm down. First up, you don’t play for the team so there’s only so affected you can be by how fourteen people you’ve never met perform out on the pitch. Secondly, Hodgson has been in charge for less than ten games. To make any kind of judgement at this point is so ridiculously short-sighted you should be carrying a white stick. I’m not saying Liverpool are still realistic contenders for the title, considering the state of the club at the moment they never really were, but they’ve had a tough start to the season, playing Man City, Man United and Arsenal in their first five league games, have several new players who need time to settle in to the team and the league, a new manager who needs time to get the team playing the way he wants and yet they’re still only three points off fourth place. If nothing else at least the team is attempting to play more entertaining football than the negative dross they served up last season. A top four spot would be a fantastic achievement for Hodgson but it’s no longer something the club can take for granted and until some fans realise that, they’re going to do little else but bitch and moan about how this side isn’t capable of doing something which no Liverpool side has done for twenty years. So calm, down, take a reality check and show a little faith in the manager and the team because frankly, unless you want to start supporting another team, you don’t have much choice. Patience is a virtue which is becoming rarer in the world of football but sometimes when you show a little, you get the rewards your faith deserves. Right now, there are dome Liverpool fans who deserve to see their side go down. (Some but by no means all, before the death threats start pouring in.)
Switching sports, am I the only one who thinks Ronnie O’Sullivan is a bit of a dick. This whole moody genius thing grew old quite a while ago and the belligerent way he dealt with his 147 on Monday, shows him up to be little more than a spoilt child. Only £4,000, so it’s not even worth potting the black? F*** you Ronnie, f*** you. Give it to charity if it’s not worth your precious time cashing the cheque. You play snooker, you’re not curing cancer. Be a little more grateful for the opportunities hitting some balls around a table with a long stick has afforded you, even if you are really good at it.
And finally, I just want to echo the disappointed people in Ireland many have felt with our national broadcaster RTE for failing to televise Katie Taylor’s final fight in the AIBA Women’s World Championship over the weekend. Already, even before taking she’s one of this country’s greatest ever sports people and to not be able to watch her pick up an incredible third straight world championship gold live is just criminal. Whoever made that call should be ashamed of themselves. Yes ashamed.
I’m going to leave it there before I start throwing tea-cups around the office. Now it’s your turn and as always, it’s not about being right, it’s just about being honest. Get it off your chest, you’ll feel better for it.


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