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Have A Rant Winners!!

by Josh Powell | September 27, 2010

I managed to provoke some heated responses last week, which is always a good thing, and I’ll respond to some of those comments later.
Don’t forget there are more free bets on offer this week so feel free to get ranting whenever you want. Just make sure you do so on one of my blogs and use the email address you have registered with your Paddy Power account. There’ll be €/£30 for the rant of the week and several €/£10 free bets for the runners-up.
Disagreeing with me by no means counts you out of the running for a free bet, as long as you make a compelling/humourous/passionate point, you’ll be in with a shot. This isn’t the “Agree With Rob Blog”, it’s the “Have A Rant” blog. I merely have a wee rant of my own to get the ball rolling and I read all of the comments, no matter how far down yours happens to be.
So on to last week’s winners:
The €/£30 prize goes to Richard for his anti-Sam Allardyce diatribe.
The €/£10 free bets go to Stephen for his ‘no one likes Berbatov’ theory, David Bronstein for his hairy ‘Richard Keys’ hands, forest_forever for his Dear Ronnie letter, Mike CP for his defence of the the Carling Cup and Smoggie for his usual entertainment.
A Liverpool Fan (not from liverpool) and Ray lose out for using email addresses not registered with a PP account. If I don’t know who you are I can’t give you a thing.
Congratulations guys and I look forward to another week of compelling ranting.


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