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A Preview Of The Cambridgeshire

by Josh Powell | September 30, 2010

Nationalism has been the subject of strong support for the last couple of weeks. That sort of sentence is normally a precursor to a news story about a tyrannical dictator sweeping to power in some country or another, but thankfully in this case it’s a succinct picture of what’s been happening in the build-up to the Cambridgeshire at Newmarket this weekend.
Watching the market moves for this race is crucial €“ mainly because we never really have a clue who’s actually going to win the race. And with 35 runners likely to go to post in a typically competitive contest, we need all the help we can possibly get. With that in mind, you could try reading the horoscopes for each of the runners in the field. Sadly that approach presents complications all of its own because even if the astrological predictions reveal something uncharacteristically specific like “on Saturday, you'll meet a tall, dark stranger €¦ who’ll present you with a trophy for winning the Cambridgeshire” you're then faced with the problem of all the horses being Capricorns.
History is often a good indicator of events that why happen in the future, so what to the annals of the Cambridgeshire tell us? Well, nowt we didn't already know to be blunt. Every now and then the favourite does the business, but for the most part it's won by a horse who we briefly considered backing before deciding it was too big a price to a realistic option. Thanks History. All those years of trying to learn about you and this is how you repay us.
It’s almost impossible to rule out any of the runners without any degree of confidence. On the flip side of that however, is the fact that you can rule pretty much everything in. Even if the nag you’re eyeing up doesn’t have the most encouraging form in the book, the handicapper has probably intervened to give the horse a decent shot at glory. Case in point is Spanish Don who triumphed in 2004. Heading into the race, people were doubting his form, talent and the fact that he was even Spanish, but he defied the doubters to win at 100/1. And then he made a kickass paella and had an afternoon siesta which fully confirmed his Spanishness.
Not all of the above was true €“ the bit about the paella being especially untrustworthy €“ but it illustrates just how open a contest it is. It’s neither a graveyard for favourites nor a benefit for the unfancied outsiders €“ it’s something in-between. Telling you that the average SP of the winner over the last decade is 22/1 also illustrates the point, without the need for pointless mildly xenophobic lies.
In short the Cambridgeshire is exactly the type of race that could really use an Extra Place Special. That’s handy, because Paddy Power is exactly the type of bookmaker that hands out Extra Place Specials and this is exactly the part of the email where we do our shameless corporate plugging. It’s one of the trickiest betting heats of the season to decipher, but your chances of landing a winning bet will only be enhanced by the fact we’re paying ¼ Odds 1-2-3-4-5 Places on the race. If you think you can land winner using just the 4 places, then well done. Pretty much every other bookie will accommodate you, but €“ call us unconventional €“ we’ve always found an Extra Place to be extremely helpful.

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