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Have A Rant Winners!!

by Josh Powell | October 4, 2010

I do apologise for my own lack of ranting last week but I was away from the office most days and somehow that seems to correlate with lighter, less ranty moods.

Before I talk myself in to trouble I’ll move swiftly on to last week’s winners.
The winner of the €/£30 free bet is Damien Cregan, for coming across as a level headed and genuinely decent Manchester United. A rare thing in this world, a rare thing indeed.
The €/£10 free bets go to Dave J for his tender concern for the mental health of Paul Gascoigne. He almost ruined it with a little misogyny in later posts but Helen didn’t seem to mind so who am I to stand up for all woman kind? Pete gets one for not liking tedious opening ceremonies, I’m right with you there on that one. Ray gets one for some inadvertent brown nosing. The big sign stunt had nothing to do with me but the homepage and the blog do, so I’m marking that down as a compliment. And finally Smoggie because he’s a bit mental and I like that.
At least two people missed out because they didn’t include an email address registered to a Paddy Power account, and it definitely wasn’t down to my personal incompetence this time.

The competition starts again today with at least a €/£30 free bet going to the winner and as many €/£10 free bets as I feel are warranted. All you have to do is have a rant, make it funny, mental, intelligent, heart-felt or passionate and you could be in with a chance. I will give out bigger prizes if the rants warrant it.

I’m here all week so I’ll be on first thing tomorrow morning with a list of complaints of my own. Until then it’s over to you.


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