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Ryder Cup Betting

by Josh Powell | October 4, 2010

Ryder Cup
The Rock, Paper, Scissors Royal Rumble was difficult to administer
Good things come to those who wait. Never have the words of wisdom from Cliff Richard or Jesus or whoever it was seemed so appropriate. After having to sit through a Friday of Sky Sports golf pundits filling in the gaps left by the absence of golf with features such as ‘Let’s guess who'll win these foursomes we’ve totally made up' and €˜Let's guess who'll win these foursomes we've totally made up if the earth's gravitational pull is suddenly reversed and Celtic Manor starts drifting off into the stratosphere', it was easy to start wondering what the point of it all was.
But finally came the real drama to match the hypothetical drama Sky Sports had been peddling for the previous few days. It sprang up out of nowhere and wobbled from one side to the other €“ in many ways like that potbelly G-Mac is suddenly sporting. In fairness, with Eduardo Molinari off-loading a truckload of pressure onto Daddy G with his Italian stereotype-friendly collapse, G Diddy responded in a manner you'd associated with a Major winner €“ or the Chinese government. With Hunter Mahan threatening to overhaul the Europeans, G Mail quashed the rebellion quickly thanks in large part to Mahan’s inability to find the barn-door with a banjo. As he failed to find the green whilst standing on the edge of the green, there was a huge sigh of relief around the Paddy Power offices as it meant – possibly for the first time ever – one of our early payouts worked out as expected.
The Americans haven’t yet begun to question how God could have let this happen to them, but it’s time to look forward to 2012 at somewhere in America. Sadly, looking that far ahead is as confusing as guessing what look Rickie Fowler is going for? 70s? One of those things off Fraggle Rock? We don't know. There's the potential that both teams will look very similar to the ones that lined up in Celtic Manor €“ albeit with a few hairlines likely to have receded. Our odds compilers reckon the Europeans are 5/6 to retain the trophy which sounds a bit mental until you realise that the tie will do them in two years time. The USA are 5/6 to win it and with a whole host of promising non-descript American golfers coming through the ranks, they should head into it with a strong team.
P.S. We saw so little of Tiger on the final day that it seemed Elin was directing the TV pictures, but he played incredibly well. Maybe he's finally out of the personal trauma inspired slump of the last year or so.



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