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Have A Rant Winners!

by Josh Powell | October 12, 2010

A weekend of trying to stop my stomach lining disappearing down a vortex of toilet duck and diced carrots delayed the announcment of last week’s have a rant winners but I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear I’ve managed to survive. As long as you win of course, otherwise you’ll probably be wishing another bout upon me.
So without dwelling further on my shitty weekend, the big winner this week is Helen Gibson, who rose to my challenge of providing a rant worthy of being called a rant, which I believe we can all agree she did. I have my doubts about her claims to be in her 70s though.
The tenner free bets go to Slab10 because he sounds like he needs it, Davey J for being his usually awesome self (if you win every week my boss will start to get suspicious), Slammers for suggesting X Factor contenders duel it out with live chipmunks, KM for having a pop at what he perceives to be an anti-Faldo sentiment here on the PP blog and finally Mart for ending with the phrase “grinds my gears”….oh wait and David Bronstein for having my back. You can’t see it now but I am performing an intricate gang sign which threatens to dislocate all my fingers.
As always there’s another £/€30 free bet with £/€10 runners-up free bets for the best rants of this week, so get ranting.
Remember, you can rant in response to any of my blogs but please use an email address registered with your PP account when having your rant otherwise I can’t give you a free bet.


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