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Is Football Getting Soft?

by Josh Powell | October 13, 2010

With Nigel de Jong trying his best to drum up business for the knee surgeons of Europe, there have been some debates around the levels of physicality in the games these days. Some, like Danny Murphy, think that it’s all getting a little too dangerous and managers need to change the mentality of their players before more players are seriously injured. Others, like Phil Neville, believe there is nothing wrong with a good hard challenge, as long as it’s intentions are good, and that the art of tackling is being squeezed out of the game.
Should all tackling be banned and football turned into a non-contact sport, except for hand-holding in the walls? Are injuries just part of the game and those afraid of getting hurt should look to earn a living elsewhere, like mining in Chile? Is there a happy medium to be found? Where do you stand?
Vote below and feel free to leave a comment to explain your choice. As always anything which resembles a rant will be entered in to the weekly Have A Rant competition, with a £/€30 free bet and multiple £/€10 free bets up for grabs.


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