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Have A Rant Winners!

by Josh Powell | October 18, 2010

A bit of a slow week on the rants front but still some good points were made regarding the tough tackling issue. The results of the poll suggest that the vast majority of you, at least the vast majority of you who like to express their opinions through the medium of a predefined poll, believe that football is indeed getting softer. Which is interesting considering the increase, if not in actual injuries, then certainly in the highlighting of bad tackles and their resulting injuries.
Of course it’s all a matter of perception and according to Sam Allardyce, there’s too much perception in the game right now. Which is a pretty dumb thing to say. The problem is that people within football aren’t perceptive enough, or at least don’t make the effort to really look at the game and understand it for what it is, rather than for what it gives them. What Sam probably meant to say was that there are too many individual opinions flying around and being giving media coverage, many of which aren’t too favourable to him. Rightly so.
So are players getting softer or is the game just being over-exposed? The truth is somewhere in between, with a myriad of other factors in need of inclusion in the discussion too. The game has evolved since the time of Chopper Harris (who you’ll all be glad to know is still alive and well) through advanced technology, conditioning of the players, the vast sums of money-involved, the technical ability of the players, the speed of the game, the 24 hour coverage, the cynical and self-serving media…etc, etc. To expect anything to stay the same is to live in fear of the natural progression of all things. The focus should not be in halting change but on how to help the game evolve in the right way. It could be argued that a lot of the ills of football are merely reflections of the ills of society at large but that serves as no excuse. If you really love the game and you don’t just nail your flag to the post of one team (which is generally chosen for you) to give yourself some kind of identity, validating yourself through the actions and achievements of others, then you should be concerned about some of the larger factors which threaten the integrity of football. Is the issue that bad tackles are being made? The players are only human so human error has to be allowed for. Or is it that some players seemingly have little concern for the safety of their fellow professionals, because this then becomes a moral issue? When players are holding out so they can get a new contract worth £140,000-a-week instead of the paltry £130,000-a-week they were initially offered, does this not point to a certain, shall we call it, lack of perspective? Again, whether there is a palpable moral decline, caused by the influx and growing importance of money over the last two decades, or whether it’s simply because of the constant coverage that we’re now seeing how vacuous some of our footballing heroes really are, is tricky to say without further investigation.
If anyone has anything to say on the matter I’ll be happy to discuss it further but for now I’d better get back to the job in hand. Before I write a thesis on this, or get up on my soap-box, I’ll halt my rambling and announce last week’s Have A Rant winners.
The £/€30 free bet goes to mart for his balanced viewpoint on the whole tackling issue…plus he mentioned one of personal favourite players, Paul McGrath. Hey, I like being pandered too, even if it is unintentional.
The £/€10 free bets go to matmat for being rational and grown-up about Joe Hart having a few drinks at quite an appropriate time, and Smoggie and Davey J for their usual stellar contributions. These guys are sitting the bar, it’s up to the rest of you to compete.
Oh and I would like to point out that Ally MacLeod did not have his ears cut off after Scotland lost to Peru in the 1978 World Cup. Just in case it comes up in a pub quiz.
Remember this is a weekly thing so get on to one of my blogs, you don’t have to read it, and rant about whatever is getting your goat right now. There’s a £/€30 free bet to the best comment/rant of the week and I’ll hand out as many free £/€10 bets as are necessary. Don’t forget to use an email address registered with a Paddy Power account so I’ll know where to put the free bet.
So get to ranting and you could get to winning.


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