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Have A Rant, Win A Free Bet!

by Josh Powell | October 25, 2010

Seeing as it is a bank holiday here and I want to shoot off to the pub now, I’m going to keep this short.

First up we have last week’s winner of the €/£30 free bet, who could be none other than Karl and his almost tender entreaty on behalf of ex-footballers who have fallen on hard times.

The €/£10 free bets go to dee cregan for making me think less unfavourably about Ronaldo and Michael R for moaning about having to watch sport in his native language. The usual suspects contributed the usual quality rants by I do have to spread the free bets out a little but you’re all back in contention this week, no matter how many free bets you’ve won…Davey J 😉

There were a lot of Liverpool and Rooney rants, many of which I enjoyed, but to avoid a week of repitition I shall be awarding no free bets to rants on those topics over the next seven days, plus in an attempt to mix try and broaden the horizons of the ranting, the winner next week will be someone who takes on something a little bit different. Or at least something which doesn’t get covered to exhaustion by everyone else.

So get ranting and if I’m especially blown away this week I’ll double the first prize, otherwise it’ll be a €/£30 free bet for the rant of the week, with the usual, random number of €/£10 free bets for the runners-up. All you have to do is give your point of view on, well, whatever the hell you want really, make it funny, heart-felt, passionate but most of real and you could win yourself a free bet. Don’t forget to include the email address you have registered with your Paddy Power account so I can accredit the free bet.


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