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Australian Open Payouts

by Josh Powell | January 18, 2011

Justice Payout

No-one wins from early retirements in tennis. Expect of course physios and the wonderful medical professionals associated with the often long and always expensive rehabilitation process. They make out pretty well from the whole arrangement.

So when Andy Murray and Rafa Nadal progressed to the 2nd Round of the Australian Open courtesy of their opponents retiring injured in matches they were almost certain to lose anyway, certain bookies and betting exchanges struck a line through the whole lot and voided all the bets.

We think that’s a little harsh.
Andy Murray was 6-3 6-1 4-2 up and had one foot and four toes in the second round when Karol Beck decided his shoulder injury was so bad he couldn’t face the 10 minutes or so it would take to complete his sound beating. Other bookies and exchanges left Murray backers with nowt, but Paddy Power have paid on bets for Murray to win the match and bets on Murray to win the match 3-0. And just in case you thought Beck was suddenly going to be possessed by the combined spirit of St. Anthony and Rafa Benitez to stage a miraculous comeback, we’ve refunded bets on Beck and all other Set Betting bets. It applies to both bets placed before the match and in running.

We’re doing the same thing for Rafa Nadal. He was only one set up on Marcos Daniel, but as he’s Rafa Nadal, we can be pretty sure he was en route to a straight sets cakewalk. The Brazilian was forced to retire due to a knee injury originally sustained in an overly vigourous samba, but we’re again paying out on Nadal to win the match and Nadal to win 3-0 whilst also refunding on Daniel and other Set Betting. Again it applies to pre-match and in running bets.


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