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Harrington Refund

by Josh Powell | January 21, 2011

Justice Payout

Back in the day, trial by television basically meant Judge Judy, but golf viewers with nothing better to do with their time have given it a very 2011 twist.

Padraig Harrington is the latest high profile player to suffer at the hands of a couch potato’s lack of social life, but Paddy Power customers needn’t lose out. Whilst other bookies are having a sinister laugh and rolling around in ill-gotten cash, we’re doing the right thing and refunding stakes on Harrington:

– to win the Abu Dhabi Championship
– in the Place Only Betting
– in the Who will Finish in the Top 10? betting
– in the Who will Finish in the Top 20? market
– in the Top GB & Ireland Player betting
– in the Top Irish Player betting

We’re not sure which one of golf’s precious rules Harrington broke – the one where he was wearing the wrong colour jacket whilst genuflecting to the statue of Old Tom Morris on the third Thursday of the month we’re guessing – but it was enough to incur a penalty which he wasn’t aware of so didn’t include on his signed scorecard and therefore he gets disqualified.

Thankfully Harrington gave us a frank summary of what happened:

“In slow motion it’s pretty clear the ball has moved three dimples forward and it’s come back maybe a dimple and a half.”

See, its dimple really. Both why he got disqualified and why it’s good to bet with Paddy Power.


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