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by Aidan Elder | February 21, 2011

If there’s been a Paddy Power Blog Competition shaped hole in your life, then we’ve got good news for you – it’s time for a world famous and not at all stolen from a certain TV show competition.

We’re going with a Missing Words competition and as the name suggests, we’re asking you to fill in the missing words in the below headline. There is a correct answer, but correct answers are rarely that funny, so we’re looking for the most humourous, witty and quite possibly weird suggestions you’ve got. There’s a €/£50 Free Bet (screw you, exchange rate) up for grabs so get the thinking cap on and start knocking back the omega 3. Although we’ve covered up two words, your actual answers don’t need to be two words long – you can have as many as you like really. Anyone who mentions anything paedo-related or anything will immediately be disqualified and ridiculed for being an unimaginative moron.

Win A Free Bet

Stick your username and your entry into the comments section below. If you’re the type of person who has more than one good idea, you’re welcome to enter more than once (and apply for a job in Paddy Power because – let’s be honest – the well is running pretty dry in here).

The competition will run until midnight on Sunday 27th February and then on Monday morning, when we’ve woken up, checked our facebook and got some porridge into us, we’ll pick out a winner. And because it’s a Monday, our decision is final and we won’t tolerate any dissent.

Not much – ‘our house, our rules’ covers everything.


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