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Gay People Like Football Too

by Aidan Elder | February 24, 2011

Michel Platini
Platini was less than enthused about another rendition of the YMCA

We were casually flicking through the Warsaw Business Journal – without doubt our favourite Business Journal from Poland – this morning when we stumbled upon this story – Group suggests separate seats for gay people at Euro 2012.

The first reaction was we’d recommend separate seats for everyone because sitting on someone’s lap generally makes watching a game rather comfortable – except in the case of Marseille v Man Utd when the possibility of sexual arousal and the accompanying awkwardness would have been a welcome relief from the tedious monotony of Michael Carrick’s misplaced passes. Plus it’s probably against health and safety. Then we realised its Polish Gay and Lesbian rights groups asking for their own section in which they can what the Euro 2012 games without fear of unprovoked attack, which makes a lot more sense.

Homosexuals? Liking football? But … but every stereotype we’ve ever heard tells us gay men don’t like football whilst gay women like to spend all day every day worshipping their statues of Ellen DeGeneres. Plus we’re only just getting our heads around a female referee’s assistant that wasn’t part of a competition you send away for on the back of a CornFlakes box.

“We do not want to build a ghetto. Obviously we would prefer that in Poland there was no need for rainbow stands,” said the statement, which really sums up the dilemma. On one hand, members of the LGBT community should be free to watch a game of football free from the terror of Jim Davidson and on the other, an entire section is just going to make it easy for the more determined homophobes to direct their incoherent vile. Maybe the best solution would be seating everyone together. Most of the time, you can’t really tell what sexual orientation any other football fan is merely by looking at the overpriced jersey they’re wearing. No, you really need to listen to their iPods for that.


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