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A Great Money-Back Special on the Oscars

by Aidan Elder | February 25, 2011

Money-Back Special

The Oscars 2011
Sunday 11.30pm Sky Movies Premiere
If Colin Firth does NOT win the Oscar for Actor in a Leading Role, Paddy Power will refund all losing bets placed on the Oscars 2011.

See site for conditions.

Colin Firth
He never dreamed about this back when he was a model in the B&Q cataloge

I’d Like To Thank Jodhpur This Award

The shoes are being made in a Far East sweatshop polished.
The dresses are getting the final touches.
The lunches are being thrown back up.
The shipments are arriving from Latin America.
James Franco and Anne Hathaway are rehearsing and re-rehearsing their ‘entirely off the cuff’ banter. Ah yes, there’s something magical in the air as Hollywood makes its final preparations for the Academy Awards.

As we’re – OMG! – totally planning to stay awake to watch live on Sunday evening, it’s disappointing to hear that Anne Hathaway won’t be insulting anyone in the course of presenting the ceremony. Disappointing and also a case of locking the stable door a long time after that horse has bolted. We had the misfortune of seeing Bride Wars. That was the greatest insult to the intelligence of humankind in general and the cause of feminism in particular this side of a Sky Sports studio.

With the insults out of the way, it’s time to look at who’s likely to be heading home with arguably the most famous little man since Elton and David adopted. Co-host, James Franco (14/1) is up for the Best Actor award thanks to his performance in 127 Hours. We’re going to take the fact that he’s being allowed present the show as a surefire sign that he’s not going to win. Colin Firth (1/50) is miles ahead of him in the betting for his portrayal of King George VI in The King’s Speech. He’d be a popular winner after all the years of hard work he’s put into the industry, most notably the considerable achievement of squeezing into those ultra-tight jodhpurs in Pride And Prejudice many years ago. Speaking of paying your dues, the talk is that Natalie Portman (1/16) has got her boobs out on enough occasions to finally land the much prized Best Actress Oscar.

It could be a double celebration for Firth as the The King’s Speech (1/6) is tipped to claim the Best Picture honours, but if unfounded rumours coming from LA in recent days are to be believed, the Academy could yet spring a surprise by pretending to be all down with the kids and giving The Social Network (4/1) the nod. With the Coen Brothers making their films a little too weird and Black Swan not making a whole load of sense, the 10 runner field is considered a 2 horse race and the trailing horse is said to be closing the gap at a rate of knots.

The Fighter (50/1) isn’t really in the frame for Best Picture honours, but it does feature a number of top quality performances. It needed them because it features the ugliest cast since Dawn Of The Dead. Sadly, it’s not a zombie movie which doesn’t bode well for the modelling prospects of the vast majority of the cast. The film has spawned no less than 3 nominees in the Best Supporting categories. Christian Bale is the overwhelming favourite to get the Best Supporting Actor gong. He shed a load of weight to take on the role of Micky Ward’s drug addict brother and whilst suffering for your art is never likely to hurt your chances of winning, maybe it’s acting alongside Mark Wahlberg that truly highlights his ability.
Only joking Marky Mark – we loved The Italian Job. Just not your version.



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