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Blog Competition Winner!!

by Aidan Elder | February 28, 2011

After spending the morning running all the entries through our patented ‘What Would Jesus Laugh At?’ joke measurement machine, we’ve picked a winner for our Missing Words Blog Competition.

The correct answer was indeed ‘Fixture Congestion Worries Wenger.’ Well done to all the people who got it right – you go home with nothing. Or – if you’re already at home – you stay at home with nothing.

The aim of the competition was to come up with the wittiest, cleverest or funniest headline and failing all of those, just entertain us with something weird/nonsensical. We asked and you delivered – especially in the weird/nonsensical department. After a dramatic deliberations – think one of those slow motion X Factor montages with the judges making pained facial expressions as if they’re having pubic hair removed by tweezers – we’ve landed upon a winner and that winner is …

Oh yeah. The winner gets a Free €/£50 Bet. We’ve haven’t mentioned that yet.

And the winner is …

And we’d also like to thank everyone for taking part. We’ll have another competition tomorrow so come back then to flex some intellectual muscle.

So, finally the winner ‘that no-one’s going to agree with because everyone thinks theirs is better’ is elflaco1 who came up with:
Blog Competition

Thanks for all the entries – those of you not blessed with wit certainly tried to make up for it with sheer volume and work-rate ; )
And in case you’re wondering any entries that came in after midnight on Sunday weren’t included in the competition. Sticklers for rules we are.

More competition tomorrow!!


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