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Jockey And Trainer Info On Our Racing Pages

by Aidan Elder | February 28, 2011

As you may well have seen, we recently gave our racing pages a substantial facelift. They’ve got all of the information you’ve come to expect from Paddy Power racecards and a whole lot more, but maybe not quite in the same places you’ve come to expect. One query that has come up a lot is:

“Hey, these new racing pages are really fantastic and I really love them, but how can I get all that snazzy racecard information – you know – like jockey and trainer information?”

Well, it’s simple really. So simple in fact this is going to sound immensely patronising.
Click the arrow slightly to the left of the price button and you’ll get the information you’re after.

And if you fancy making the change permanent, simply do this:

– Click on ‘My Account’ (must be logged in)
– Click on Website Preferences
– At the bottom of the page, you’ll see ‘Set Races To Display:’
You change choose between All Markets or Racecard options.
Click the ‘Racecard’ option and then click save and every time you open up a race, trainer and jockey information should be displaying automatically.

Here’s a picture:

Now get back to our racing pages


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