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Is Alex Ferguson A Massive Hypocrite?

by Rob Dore | March 2, 2011

Having defended Wayne Rooney’s elbow on James McCarthy you’d think Alex Ferguson would be magnanimous enough to accept that sometimes these decisions go for you, sometimes they go against you and simply accept that his side didn’t get the breaks against Chelsea. But no. Instead he’s come out with an unveiled attack on Martin Atkinson for which there is no way on this green earth that the FA will even think of growing a pair of balls in order to muster up the courage to rebuke him. Participation in the Respect the Referee campaign, it seems, isn’t obligatory.

So what do you think. Is this an example of Fergie’s unashamed hypocrisy at work, is he simply sticking up for his players like any good manager should or do you believe that his points of view are valid?


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