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Use Your Noggin, Win A €/£50 Free Bet

by Aidan Elder | March 8, 2011

In the latest of our blog competitions, it may look like we’re just ripping off another feature from a BBC current affairs based quiz show. And we are, but we’re also in part paying tribute to Watson, the IBM computer that’s been kicking human ass on America’s most unnecessarily complicated quiz show, Jeopardy!.

Viewers of the show will already know a couple of things. Firstly, what long-term unemployment and watching Sky One throughout the 1990s feels like. Secondly, a more importantly, they’ll know that the twist on Jeopardy! is they give you the answer and you’ve to come up with the question. Therefore, the answer is a question – if you follow. Phew, I need a sit down.

For this week’s competition, we;re giving you the answer and it;s up to you to come up with the question. The funniest/most amusing/thought-provoking/original (generally we’re listing various properties that could be associated with the word ‘best’) question will win the €/£50 Free Bet.

As ever, there is a correct answer, but – much like any film starring Katherine Heigl – we have absolutely no interest in that. We want you to use your grey matter to entertain us and wherever that dangerously open-ended request takes us, then so be it.

Here’s the answer – now give us the question:

Win A Free Bet Competition

Stick your username and answer (i.e. question) in the comments section below. The closing date is midnight on Sunday 13th March. Any comments entered after this point may give us a chuckle but will not be counted in the competition.

The decision of Paddy Power’s panel of decision-makers is final although flattery and bribery will get you everywhere.

Good luck


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