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Paddy Power Refund On Ireland

by Aidan Elder | March 12, 2011

Ireland Refund

We were robbed!
Those officials with their poor decisions – they’re totally the reason Ireland suffered a rare loss in Cardiff.

We’ll overlook the fact that they played most of the game with the imagination of a goldfish with learning difficulties and the ball handling skills of a eunuch who’s taken a vow of chastity. Paddy Wallace didn’t pass to the wide open Keith Earls at the death because although it could have meant an Ireland win, he wanted to make a broader point about the scattergun approach to refereeing that is damaging the game these days. Well do you’ve a better explanation?

Anyhoo, the reasons why Ireland lost matter not a jot to you as we’re refunding on Ireland to win the match. That’s right – if that outrageous decision hadn’t have happened, we think Ireland were certs to win. (Don’t question it, just take the money and run) To ease the pain, we’re refunding all losing single outright and handicap bets placed on today’s match to the tune of £175,000. And as a cherry on top – it applies to In Running bets as well as the pre-match ones.

It’s another reason why Paddy Power is always the place to bet. That reason being our marketing department spend all day Saturday in the pub and by 7pm this seems like a great idea!

Woo hoo – another round of jäger-brandies barman!


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