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Blog Competition Winner

by Aidan Elder | March 14, 2011

We had a loads and loads of really good answers for last week’s Jeopardy! rip-off Free Bet Competition.
And we’re actually telling the truth this time!
There were loads of genuinely amusing ones and it’s a shame that we can only have one winner. Seriously.

The comments reflected the major sports news of the week. The start of the week focussed in on Nani’s maiming/moaning at Anfield on Sunday. Then Arsenal got a bit of a hammering for the bit of a hammering they got in Barcelona and towards the end of the week the Cheltenham buzz started to kick in. And as ever, there were the usual mix of needlessly hurtful towards people we don’t care about and just plain weird that we love.

After a lot of deliberation, heated debate and forgetting what I was supposed to be doing, we’ve finally decided that brybulmer is the winner of a Free £50 Bet. He had several good attempts over the course of the week, but one that tickled the funny bones of our judging panel the most was:

Win A Free Bet Winner

Congratulations Mr. or Mrs. Bulmers – you’re an inspiration to us all.

We’re having no weekly blog competition this week, but come back tomorrow for your chance to win loads of free bets. We’re not allowed to give too much away, but … let’s just say it wouldn’t be any harm brushing up on certain Katchphrases for Cheltenham!


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