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Wednesday’s Cheltenham Katchphrase 1 – Win €/£50 Free Bet

by Rob Dore | March 16, 2011

I’m back, it’s back but alas neither of us is sexy back. It’s my girlfriend I feel sorry for really. Enough of me and let’s get down to what’s really important, how you can get your hands on a free bet for looking at a picture, using your eyes in conjunction with your brain and seeing what the two come up with. It’s pretty simple and some would even go so far as to call it fun. The main thing is that there’s a €/£50 Free Bet on offer.

The basic premise is that the picture represents a reasonably well known saying and you have to guess what that saying is. It is completely different to anything you may think it actually seems a whole lot like. For one, we use a weird little cartoon vampire type guy instead of, say, a weird little yellow cartoon type guy. And we spell Katch with a ‘K’. so legally we’re okay.

So to the rules:
A new square will be revealed approximately every 15 minutes and each customer is allowed to guesses per square revealed.
You can only win one of these per day.
My decision is final.
New rules may be added as required to deal with any moaning.

Stop guessing, we have a winner!!! michael manning wins the free bet with ‘Still Waters Run Deep’

I’ll be back on with another Katchphrase in about half an hour.


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