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Thursday’s Cheltenham Katchphrase 2 – Win €/£50 Free Bet

by Rob Dore | March 17, 2011

It’s the second game of the day and you’ll be glad to hear you don’t need and extensive knowledge of the 80s, Huey Lewis or the Stranglers to win the €/£50 Free Bet with this one. It’s also a lot easier than the last one so I’m expecting a quick finish. Something many of your partners are no doubt used to.

Usual rules apply. Two guesses per person per square until the last square is revealed. A new square will be revealed every 15 minutes or so. And some other rules I can’t remember right now. I’ll let you know if you break them.

So just say what you see and dopefully my visual representation will lead you to the famous phrase I’m after. Good luck and good guessing.

Stop guessing. We have a winner. Jez Gee takes the €/£50 free bet with ‘Great Minds Think Alike’.

Rey gets a €/£10 free bet for giving my favourite wrong answer of the game.

Visualise it. Verbalise it. Job done.


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