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Friday’s Cheltenham Katchphrase 2 – Win €/£50 Free Bet

by Rob Dore | March 18, 2011

This may very well be the last Katchphrase of this year’s Cheltenham so I’ll be giving out some random free bets for reasons I have yet to decide upon yet. That’s what makes them random I suppose.

Usual rules apply. Two guesses per person per square revealed until the entire picture is revealed, though we’ve only made it that far once.

There’s a €/£50 free bet on offer for the first person to correctly guess the phrase but it’s Friday and my judgement is still effected by last night’s pints so I’ll be handing out a few more.

Good luck.

Stop Guessing! We have a winner! Joanna takes the last Katchphrase of the week with ‘Give A Dog A Bad Name’.

Adam Doherty wins the ‘get your mates to vote for you’ bonus free bet with five positive votes. Doesn’t say much about the rest of you, does it? I’m also giving one to Kevin Quinn for having the most thumbs down. Don’t let the haters get you down man, or something similar you’d expect Jedward to say.

It’s been emotional. Take care one and all.

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