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by Aidan Elder | March 29, 2011

For once we’re not blatantly ripping off a BBC quiz show for our weekly dose of Free Bet Competition fun. We’re ripping off Google Maps instead. Mainly because some of the answers in that John Terry competition have scarred us for life, this week we’re going for something entirely different – something that’s going to require some brainpower and won’t be readily solved by a quick trip on everyone’s favourite online editable encyclopaedia.

As ever, we’ve got a Free €/£50 Bet up for grabs, but how you get your hands on it is going to be change from the norm.
We want to know which professional footballer’s career is being represented by the below confusing mass of arrows. Each arrow represents a move in this player’s career and where they point is meant to be the location of the club he joined as part of that move. That white circle is where it all began the different colour arrows don’t mean anything – apart from the fact they were hard too see otherwise.

Win A Free Bet

It’s going to require that irritating combination of brain power and a bit of luck and if you paid attention in geography class too, well that won’t hurt either. There is one clue, this is a footballer who did not play in the 19th century. Unless he recently perfected time travel, which I would sincerely doubt.

In a break with tradition, we’re asking you NOT to stick your answer and username in the comments section. Because you’ll have to use the aul noggin, we don’t want anyone else stealing the fruits of your mental labour. Instead, send your answer and your username to with the subject line “I think I’ve made sense of your convoluted competition”. [Answers in the comments section will NOT be entered into the competition, but may well be correct, which would be a real bummer for the people involved.] In the event we get more than one correct answer, then the winner will be decided by who sends me the most empty compliments and free stuff drawn at random. If it proves to be really tough – and it won’t – there may be some clues given, but probably not until the weekend when I realise this competition doesn’t really work and I need some answers or else Paddy will flog me for not doing a caption competition.

Get you answers in before midnight on Sunday 3rd April as we’ll announce the winner whenever I get my brain in gear on Monday morning.

– Entrants must have a account, be over the age of 18 and respond with something other than a blank stare when I mention the Stone Roses.
– Paddy Power decision is final and any complaints will be treated with feigned interest.
– Despite creating the map, we accept no responsibility for it. If a town we’re trying to represent isn’t as geographically accurate as you want, then your map is broken.


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