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April Fools!!

by Rob Dore | April 1, 2011

Oh we got you all right!

You may have noticed the four in-no-way-obviously-an-April’s-Fool-prank markets we had up on our homepage today. For those of you feeling all smug because you weren’t foolish enough to even consider placing a bet on Payola Lidsfro (anagram of April Fools Day) Next Permanent Club, The 1st Posthumous Twitter User, Celebrity Wrestlemania 2011 or PAF Best Dressed Award for the Royal Wedding, well the joke is on you my friends.

Not only have we refunded all the bets placed on these markets but we’ve also given free Grand National bets to those who were either fooled or had the lightness of heart to join in the jest. Best of luck all of those who earned themselves a free bet by figuring out what was going on and taking part/getting suckered in.


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