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Not So Random Daily Youtube Video

by Rob Dore | April 1, 2011

This is neither random nor a video but is actually some audio of Richard Keys’ latest on-air gaff. Having been run out of the Sky Sports studio, the Chuckle Brothers (aka Keys and Gray) have ended up working for talkSport. In an interview with former Liverpool goalkeeper and lover of wedges of money contained in brown paper bags, Bruce Grobbelaar, Richard Keys suggests the Liverpool fans were to blame for the Heysel Stadium disaster in which 39 people were killed and over 600 injured. Bruce’s stunned silence says it all really and he even tried to do Keys a favour by steering the conversation in a less ill-informed direction. Much like the view that any female in the work place is fair game for a little light-hearted sexual harassment, it’s probably best to keep this kind of opinion between you and your equally moronic mates. Keep up the terrible work guys.


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