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We Have A Winner …

by Aidan Elder | April 4, 2011

We had a lot of fun in last week’s Blog competition. That is to say I had a lot of fun because I knew the answer could spend my time doing stuff I like whilst everyone else had to go off and do some research/google. I think it’s fair to say the new competition was a roaring success and I don’t want to blow my own trumpet too much, but the words “greatest trivia quiz ever” have been used. Granted the words “not” and “the” that preceded it were somewhat of a dampener, but you don’t get anywhere in Paddy Power by paying attention to entire sentences.

So after sifting through the surprisingly high volume of answers, picking out the right answer and discarding both the wrong answers and the right answers but typed in Comic Sans Serif font, we’ve had to do a raffle style draw. I’m only joking about discarding the Comic Sans Serif font ones by the way – but avoid it if at all possible.

The answer was of course Peter Shilton or to give him the preferred title used by many of you – England Legend Peter Shilton. After putting all the correct answers were put in a hat, the hat coughed up Paul Coll as the winner of this week’s Free €50 Bet. Congratulations on your combination of brainpower and pure jammy luck.

We got a lot of entertainment out of some of the entries, especially the pure commitment of bohsmark. By way of compensation for the reasonably large chunk of his life he spent on deducing the answer and the amusing story to accompany his tale of determination, he’ll be getting a Free €20 Bet. And whilst we’re handing out consolation prizes, we’re giving Mattley a free £20 Bet for coming up with the name we’re going to steal and use for all future rehashings of this competition – ‘Who’s Career Was It Anyway?

There’s no consolation prize for Oliver P. who managed not to get it right, despite having a remarkable 17 attempts at is. Better luck next time Oliver. Or next 17 times to be accurate.

Thanks a million to everyone who entered and sorry if your luck wasn’t in on this occasion. I didn’t expect to get quite such a high quantity of correct answers so I’m going to make it extra tough tomorrow. Come back then for my latest attempts to wreck your head.


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